Weight Pull- Any Dog can do it regardless of...


whether they are big...

(Left)This is Kaiser a 140+ pound Great Dane doing weight pull.


or small....

(Right) This is Roo a 9 pound Norwich Terrier doing weight pull.


or have a handicap...

Dogs cannot be forced to pull. They limit themselves and stop when it gets "too hard" for them. Therefore, dogs are not injured when they weight pull.

(Left) This is Brom , an American Pit Bull Terrier, and he was born with three legs. Despite this, he has numerous weight pulling titles.

Why Weight Pull?

It strengthens the bond between owner and dog

Dogs love to be with their humans and especially love doing something with them. Weight pull is a great activity for this!

It's fun!

It's an activity that children or adults can participate in so it's a great activity to do with the WHOLE family including all two-legged and four-legged members!

It's NOT abuse

The people actually pull more than the dogs because they pull the cart/sled back and forth for each dog... the dogs only do it one time in a given round.

My dogs have always pulled me when they are on a leash. It was so bad sometimes was dangerous. Almost getting run over by a car, getting loose at a show with multiple (possibly not friendly) dogs, and worse... as soon as I gave them a constructive outlet for their wanting to pull, they stopped pulling on the leash. I didn’t need any of those collars to keep them from pulling any more. They were finally happy walking by me on the leash because I have given them a way to pull appropriately...


Instinctively it’s ingrained in many dog breeds, especially working dog breed, to pull regardless. You either fight them on the leash or you train them when to do it.... it’s the same concept as training a dog who barks a lot to bark on command and not to bark when the command is not given. Without teaching it and allowing them to do it when it’s appropriate, you just have a dog who barks his/her head off.  It is the same thing with pulling 

What is Weight Pull?

Weight Pull is ...

Like a tractor pull except with dogs.  It can be done with a wheeled cart on carpet or natural surface, a rail cart on a rail track, or with a sled on snow!


Special thank you

Valerie Thawley and Barking Mad Pet Pics